Bone fractures are a global public health issue impacting millions of people.

Globally, 178 million new fractures occur each year (and the numbers continue to rise).


OrthoTreat is a pharmaceuticals company devoted to developing safe and effective solutions for faster and improved healing of bone injuries and skeletal diseases.

Our vision is to provide better recovery to patients suffering from fractures while saving cost and time for the healthcare system and patients themselves.


We specialize in combinatorial-therapies for improved and accelerated healing processes of bone fractures through a variety of product lines tailored to human and veterinary markets.

Our development is in advanced pre-clinical stages, and we will continue to update the research results along the way. Keep watching!

orthotreat team

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Sahar Meiron

Chief Executive Officer

Brings a wealth of experience in managing and executing projects and entrepreneurial skills across numerous fields (pharma, cannabis, and more).

Dr. Tami Barr

Chief Scientific Officer

Ph.D. in Biotechnology and Microbiology, and a highly experienced researcher with extensive knowledge in drug development and clinical trials management.

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Itay Ben Mordechai

Founding Director

An enthusiastic Entrepreneur and creator of business and social initiatives with a passion to generate medical solutions for all. 


Dr. Hilik Marom

Founding Director

Clinical veterinarian and Ex. research fellow at Tel Aviv University, bone laboratory.
Dr. Marom is also the chairman of the “Israeli Companion Animal Veterinary Association”.

We believe that a project is only as good as the people working on it. This is why we surround ourselves only with those who aspire to create, grow,  and to make a change.


If you’re one of those, don’t hesitate, contact us and let's explore ways of collaboration!

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