Bone fractures can disrupt life, keeping people from doing the things they love. Every year, 178 million new fractures occur globally. But what if we could speed up the recovery and get back patients to normal life sooner?


At OrthoTreat, we're dedicated to making this a reality. Our advanced therapies are designed to improve healing outcomes and accelerate recovery from bone injuries and skeletal diseases.

Not only can we help you heal faster, but we also strive to reduce costs and time for both patients and the healthcare system.


Harnessing the power of physiological regulation to enhance the natural bone healing process. OrthoTreat offers a range of products for both human and veterinary markets.

Our developments is in advanced pre-clinical stages, and we are committed to sharing our progress and results. Keep watching!

meet   the   orthotreat   team

At OrthoTreat, we believe that a team's success is built on its members. That's why we only work with dedicated individuals who are passionate about creating positive change.


If you share our mission, let's collaborate and make a difference in bone fracture healing together.

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